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Website Design

A complete website re-design of the resources page. 


building-U,  Providence, Rhode Island, USA



Enter building-U, the premier resource for students to understand and navigate postsecondary programs admission choice. The key feature of building-U is the Resources Page, where students can explore many innovative and unique programs, volunteer opportunities, and scholarship options around the world.


The team at building-U came to me facing a few challenges with the existing Resources Page. The main issues were the unorganized and complex site structure.  How do we calm overwhelmed visitors, and get them quickly and painlessly to the information they needed? 


As the graphic designer on the team, my role was to re-organize the essential information on the page with more eye-catching designing elements. I re-designed the page to afford maximum flow between each section on the page. This was achieved by combining vibrant graphics, with an easy to navigate site structure that made this site more relatable to students. 

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